Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cyber Bullying and Internet Grooming.

CyberBullying is when the bully uses internet services such as MSN, Bebo and Facebook. CyberBullying is a Criminal Offence and punishable by Law. CyberBullying can also happen on mobile phones using the SMS feature. There is also alot of websites trying to put out this new way of Bullying. Sometimes they also make hate websites for one person and this can cause bigotry and racism. CyberBullying is when the Bully constantly tries to annoy, upset or embarress the victim on internet services such as MSN and Bebo.

Internet Grooming is a serious problem on the internet. This is mainly aimed at younger people. The Groomer wont tell anybody much information about himself and sometimes even pretend to be someone else and younger. The aim of this is for the groomer to collect as much information about them as possible and try to be friends with them and eventually meet them in person, this is normally when the illegal activity happens, usually of sexual nature.

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