Thursday, October 29, 2009

Identity Theft, Hoaxes, Ransomware and Hackers.

Today i learn't about Identity Theft, Hoaxes, Ransomware and Hackers.

I done a quiz on Identity Theft and it is when people send emails from fake emails pretending to be something their not to steal your identity. Identity Theft could also be when people email you about getting credit cards and with that information they will steal your information.

An Internet Hoaxe is when they try and make you believe that some threat to their internet safety is true. They have told people to delete certain files that will slow down or break the computer.

Ransomware is when someone encrypts your files and makes them inpossible to get to unless you have the password to open the encrypted files. The person who has done this will send an email to the owner of the files and demand money to get the password and remove the encrypted files, this is an illegal act. Normally people would pay money to the ransomers and get the password to open the files rather than going to authorities.

Hackers is when someone uses certain software to break into computer systems when they have no right to be there. They use a Vulnerability Scanner to check were the weak points of your computer system is. They also check your ports to see which ones are open, your firewall prevents this from happening. Although, some hackers have changed their ways and have now made companies where they check how good your internet safety is and then if they find any weak points they would patch it up to try and make their computer system hacker proof.

That is all i have learn't today! :)

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