Thursday, November 5, 2009


F0H5 10 – Internet Safety

BLOG 3: Review of Internet Threats

In your own words, explain how you would protect yourself from the following:


You should never click on links that you think is not your bank and should also use the latest email clients to block off such spam. You can also adjust your web browser to tighten up security if you use web based email clients. Also having an internet security suite should prevent it too.

Identity Theft

The best way to prevent identity theft is to check monthly statements. If you shred all your statements then no one can see your bank details. Also, use a Credit Card online as it is a lot safer then using a Debit Card. Do not fill in details about your credit card or debit cards on online sites as they might Pharm for your details.


Have a Good Firewall and Anti-Virus and scan your pc weekly using the anti-virus program


Block the Bully on the social networking sites and report them to either the police or to the social networking site.


Do not give away any information about where you live and how old you are and so on… If you have told Internet Groomer this information, report it to the police ASAP!

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